Xixi City Spring Health Hall Provides royal secret soup

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According to reports, this Yangshengtang activity will launch three secret treasures: First, the royal family nourishes the Phoenix honey juice, has the functions of benefiting Qi, nourishing the stomach, and promoting the body, and can also replenish the five internal organs, cure the spleen and stomach, and warm and nourish the blood; Palace secret recipe health soup can regulate the human brain nervous system, relieve stress, improve sleep, activate gonad secretion and pituitary secretion; Third, Royal Feast Cordyceps Runfei Decoction, Yishen Zhuangyang, Bufei Jianpi, can be used as a constitution Common health diet for the weak.

  In addition to these three exquisite stews, there are many syrup drinks such as Qingrun red wine Sydney, red dates lotus seed white fungus, lotus seed lily red bean paste, especially for women with very good beauty and beauty. For the richness of the entire Yangshengtang, Xixi City will also arrange very rich fruits, desserts, beverages and healthy foods such as Fengdeng, and the whole marketing core will be a health version.“Haitian feast”.