Catering festival marketing, are you digging a pit or jumpin

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National Day has entered the countdown, and there are still three days to celebrate the 8th day of the National Day + Mid-Autumn Festival, and this small holiday is a golden period for business people, I believe everyone is ready. Right?

Holiday marketing is good, but some problems must be prepared in advance, and attention should be paid to avoid unnecessary things.

1. Remember to over-create  

  This is a mistake often made by many food and beverage outlets in festival marketing. In order to promote the eyeballs in order to attract consumers, there is nothing wrong with making momentum. The wrong thing is to over-create the trend. Even all the momentum is actually just a gimmick. In the end, it is only An empty space.

  The purpose of the momentum is to attract consumers into the store for a pleasant consumption, rather than to create a consumer that deceives consumers. To put it simply, the potential is to make consumers experience the corresponding activities.



2, do a good job  

  Positioning, this point should be paid attention to wherever it is placed, and it is always talked about. Put it here, just to remind the catering people, the customer is very mobile during the holiday, almost never stay in the same place for a long time, and almost never eat twice in the same store, and will go to the younger than before. Travel is now more of a family trip together, so when the choice of dishes can be based on the special consumer groups during the National Day to make reasonable and appropriate adjustments.


3. Reasonable preparation of raw materials 

  The preparation of raw materials has always been very good, especially during the activities, because the effect you can not predict, so you can not be defined.

If there is a store with relevant experience, it is usually not a big problem to carry out a reasonable range control according to the previous amount, but the store without experience should pay attention to it. The storage is more than the oversupply affects the quality and the storage is small. In short supply, there is a suggestion that, first of all, negotiate with the upstream, you can stock up at any time, and you can return it with quality assurance.


4, focus on quality  

  Pay attention to quality, understand well, and simply say, connect with the second point above. Due to the high liquidity of customers during the National Day, some food and beverage outlets will appear to fish in troubled waters, and they will be mixed with fake and fake. I can only know what I don’t know, but in fact, I can only say that everyone is not a fool. Once I have been investigated, I am afraid that the loss is heavy.


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