5 major experiences in science before opening a restaurant

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1. Alternate funds are very important and very important

  Opening a restaurant requires a very clear arrangement of funds, and requires sufficient reserve funds to open the store in the direction of capital flow. Take the restaurant as an example. The operating cycle of a small restaurant is about one month. This month's employee salary, store material consumption, marketing activities, etc. all need liquidity to maintain, and the initial period of opening a store is basically not making much money. This will cost at least half a month as a reserve for the bottom line.


2. Investment needs to be cautious

  At the beginning of business, I often do things with ideals and careers, thinking about establishing brands and establishing images. These too good ideas have led to an increase in capital investment and a large use of finance in unreasonable aspects. What is the formal need to use the best, need to consider. Entrepreneurship is the first to create, and more importantly, to establish a business.


3, the boss is in a state of mind

  Catering and entrepreneurship, the boss wants to be a shopkeeper, but this is unrealistic. Everyone in this society is making money. It is very difficult for this kind of good thing to be your turn. Even if you hit it, it will be copied soon. So in the early days of the business, don't hold on to the boss's mentality to do things. On the contrary, when you are a famous employee. Do not tell you that you don't understand management, but the initial must. Do a good job of the employee and then think about doing the boss.

4. Positioning and communication with employees

  Everyone knows that the boss and the employee are the most difficult to talk about is the feelings, and the feelings are respected in respect of the money. Therefore, the boss understands the people's heart to manage the company well.

  For a relatively professional employee like a chef, psychologically as a partner, it helps to weigh some things, and for the waiter, psychologically as a temporary worker. Their salary and age can only bear such a position. Be prepared to be ready to leave at any time, and high mobility is common in them. The above is just a psychological level, the performance should be treated equally, and you can express your concern without cost!


5, the cost is reduced and then reduced

  The investment cost of opening a store is clearly calculated. Each cost investment is only reflected after opening, and it can consciously save costs, but it cannot cut corners.

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