Winter diet, these little common sense to remember!

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The winter is cold, the diet should be changed, eat more warm food, so that not only can warm the body can also play a health effect, the following small series will tell you some small common sense of winter diet, hope for everyone helpful.


First, common health food


1, the grain to support life, drink more rice porridge


  “Grain for nutrition, five fruits for help, and five animals for benefit”. If people want to be healthy, they must eat grains, and grains are life-saving; five fruits are the fruits and vegetables we eat, which help you to digest; the five animals benefit, and meat plays a beneficial role.


Millet is sweet, salty, cool, can benefit the spleen and stomach, nourish the kidney, in addition to annoying heat, and urinate. There are spleen and stomach heat, nausea and vomiting or spleen deficiency diarrhea, hot and dry mouth, hot bladder, urinary adverse symptoms, more suitable for porridge.


2, high cholesterol: eat two sweet potatoes a day


  Sweet potato contains 8% dietary fiber, mostly soluble, and the laxative function is very strong. Chinese medicine believes that“Sweet potato can make up the blood, warm the stomach, fat five dirty, fill the food and prolong life”。


  Sweet potatoes can become cholesterol nemesis. Two sweet potatoes every morning and evening are good for lowering cholesterol. Li Shizhen once said,“Sweet potato food makes people live longer and less disease”、“Sweet potato can make up the blood, warm the stomach, fat five dirty, fill the food and prolong life”The benefits of sweet potatoes have always come.


  However, sweet potatoes should not be eaten raw because starch is difficult to digest;“Gasification enzyme”If you eat too much, you may experience discomfort such as bloating, heartburn, and snoring. Therefore, the sweet potato must be cooked or cooked, preferably with corn, so that the food is sweet, health and longevity.

3, high blood fat: eat some frozen tofu


  There are also good things in the daily diet that can lower blood fat, and frozen tofu is one of them. Frozen tofu is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that lower cholesterol. The pores of frozen tofu can absorb oil and have a certain role in cleaning the stomach. But frozen tofu is best cooked in clear soup, otherwise it will also absorb the oil in the soup, which is not good for health. Gout patients should not be eaten in the acute phase.


4, the heart is not good: eat some potatoes


  Potatoes contain up to 15% to 25% carbohydrates, more than all other vegetables, and they contain more plant protein than other vegetables. Potassium 502 mg per 100 g of potatoes is a rare high-potassium food.


Patients with heart disease, especially cardiac dysfunction, have varying degrees of edema, often taking diuretic swelling drugs, which easily lead to the loss of potassium in the body. Therefore, eating potatoes can supplement potassium, carbohydrates, protein and minerals, and vitamins.

5, nourishing the liver and eyesight: come to bitter melon


  Bitter gourd fruit is rich in protein, sugar, minerals and various vitamins. In particular, the vitamin C content is particularly prominent, 14 times that of cucumber, 5 times of melon, and 7 times of tomato. It has the functions of preventing scurvy, protecting cell membrane, preventing atherosclerosis, improving body stress, and protecting the heart.


  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, bitter gourd has the effect of clearing away heat, nourishing blood and nourishing qi, nourishing kidney and strengthening spleen, nourishing liver and clearing the eye. It has certain effects on treating diseases such as dysentery, sore swelling, heatstroke fever, excessive scorpion and conjunctivitis. Bitter melon and bitterness in bitter gourd can increase appetite and spleen appetite; the alkaloids contained in quinine are beneficial to urinary and blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, and clear-hearted and clear-cut effects.

Second, health tips


1, eat more cold food


  Most of the patients with weak waist and knees and qi and blood are chills. It is better to use warm food and nursed back to improve the condition. Eat more cold foods can warm the body tissue, enhance physical fitness, promote metabolism, improve the body's ability to prevent cold.


2, increase the production of heat nutrients


  Due to the severe cold weather in winter, the body adapts to the harsh cold environment and consumes more energy every day. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the intake of heat-producing nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates), especially to increase the intake of some fats, such as Put a little bit of fat in the amount of leeks.


3. Supplementing methionine


  The cold climate increases the amount of creatine excretion in the human urine and accelerates the metabolism of fat. The synthesis of creatine, fatty acid and the heat released by oxidation in the human body requires methyl. Therefore, in the winter, you should take more food containing more methionine.


4, vitamins can not be less


  The cold weather has strengthened the body's oxidation and heat production, and the body's vitamin metabolism has also changed significantly. Increase vitamin A to enhance the body's ability to withstand cold. Increase the intake of vitamin C to improve the body's ability to adapt to cold, and have a good protective effect on blood vessels. Vitamin A mainly comes from animal liver, carrots, dark green vegetables and other foods. Vitamin C is mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables.


5, the right intake of minerals


  People are afraid of cold and the body's intake of mineral quality also has a certain relationship. For example, the amount of calcium in the human body can directly affect the flexibility and excitability of the human heart, blood vessels and muscles. Calcium supplementation can improve the body's ability to protect the cold. Calcium-rich foods include milk, soy products, and kelp. Salt is also important for the body to protect against cold. It can enhance the body's heat-producing function. Therefore, it is mainly flavored in winter, but it is not too salty.