Beijing Certain Catering Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. In the 18 years, it has focused on developing potential specialty cuisines in Chinese and overseas Chinese gathering areas. With a modern configuration of the distribution center, its eight brands of various cuisines, shoulder the responsibility of a certain company, that is: to provide each customer with a satisfactory dining experience; to provide each employee with full play of personal talent, promotion and development Career platform.

XX always regards the Internet + and scale strategy as an important goal of corporate brand development. In 2012, the delivery center was established, marking the official opening of the new Internet catering model. In 2013, the distribution center was established, and the first step of the “scale of management model” was taken.

A stable corporate culture and business model, an efficient operating culture, superior team cohesion and drive, and a customer-focused brand development focus have laid a solid foundation for achieving outstanding financial results.

In 2016, as of the end of 2017, the same store turnover growth rate of 5%, the same store transaction volume growth rate of more than 6.5%, living in the forefront of the industry, when the store is about to break through 100, the brand turnover has grown steadily. The growth rate of certain years of turnover has soared rapidly, far exceeding the average growth rate of the same industry.

In 2016, the Group launched the Guan Pearson Program to introduce high-quality management talents to enterprises. Up to now, the Guan Peisheng project has been launched in two phases. After two months of training and practice, it is in line with the serious training of the store coaches and the company's strict assessment, making it a professional and excellent catering person.

After years of construction and development, XX has a diversified catering brand and many direct chain specialty restaurants. The catering group hereby expresses heartfelt thanks to the friends who care for us. We will lead the team to inherit the classics, keep the innovation, and create more delicious and miraculous with super execution!

In the second phase of 2017, Guan Peisheng passed the 1.5-month study and practice. Through the serious training of the store coaches and the company's strict assessment, it has successfully passed the foreman identification.

The store manager of each store should officially announce the advanced matters of Guan Peisheng at the morning meeting, and continue to do a good job in Guan Peisheng's foreman training.

Guan Peisheng's most important duty in the foreman position is to train. Please strictly follow the four steps of training to assist them in the training of new employees in the store, so that they become a qualified coach.

Please take charge of the company's punctual, accurate, pragmatic and reliable team style and strictly implement the various tasks required by the company.

The company congratulated them on successfully completing the initial advancement after entering the company and officially entered the junior management position. I hope that they will continue to work hard, not forget the original intention, live up to expectations, and achieve their common growth with the company.